A 15-minute colonoscopy could save your life

One of the easiest cancers to detect and prevent is also one many people just don’t like having checked.

At Sky Ridge Medical Center, Dr. Allen Schreiber can tell you a thing or two about colon cancer, "It’s a very serious problem," he says.

It’s also the third leading cause of cancer in the United States, but, pre-cancer stages are easily detected. "The whole test takes about 15 minutes," but it does require a colonoscopy.

Problem Solvers Health Alert learned there is an in home, do-it-yourself detection kit called FIT or Fecal Immunochemical Test.

You collect your own stool sample and send it in for analysis. "It’s an emulogical test looking for blood in the stool.”

But the difference between FIT and a colonoscopy needs to be made. FIT can only detect a cancer that’s already in your colon.

A colonoscopy detects pre-cancerous polyps, which can easily be removed, ”Ignoring having a colonoscopy because you’re doing this test instead is to my mind inappropriate.“

Look at it this way, if the FIT kit raises the flag on cancer already in your colon, a colonoscopy catches that flag before it’s raised.

Get a colonoscopy.

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