TackleBar: New form of football aims to make game safer to play

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DENVER -- As the NFL looks for ways to improve player safety, a new form of football on display and is helping eliminate head injuries.

It's called TackleBar Football and it features aspects of flag football and traditional football.

In this game, players wrap up their opponent in a tackling form, but pull a foam bar off the opponent's harness instead of driving them to the ground.

"TackleBar Football is a safer approach to the game that preserves the tradition and spirit of the sport," the website states. "With this approach, players stay on their feet rather than taking the ball carrier to the ground."

Organizers say its meant to teach the fundamentals of tackling - without taking the big hits.

“TackleBar was created because of growing concerns of participation and safety," said Sean Healy, an area representative for TackleBar. "We believe that playing TackleBar will prepare you immensely for tackle football and keep more kids in the game and eliminating those injuries."

TackleBar is currently in several states, mostly in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but if you're interested in starting it in your community, visit their website.

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