Local videographer refuses to film same-sex wedding

DENVER – A lesbian couple is angered after a local videographer refused to film their wedding - citing religious beliefs.

This is reminiscent of the controversy surrounding the Masterpiece Cake shop in Lakewood, once again bringing up the conflict of religious beliefs and the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

“It’s like a punch right here,” Amanda Broadway said.

Anna Suhyda and Amanda Broadway said they were turned away for wanting a same-sex wedding.

“It was upsetting,” Anna Suhyda said.

In the bliss of planning for their upcoming July wedding, the couple started searching for the perfect videographer to capture their special day. Suhyda called a company with high ratings, MediaMansion.

“He asked for my fiancés name which normally the vendors do so they can make their notes, and I said Amanda. He kind of paused. I was like okay, maybe he’s writing notes and we moved forward with the conversation. Everything seemed fine,” Suhyda said.

Suhyda was told to sit tight and they would send over a contract, but instead she received an email.

“The email said they weren’t going to serve the LGBTQ community – with an exclamation point.”

Anna was left stunned. Then a post on MediaMansions’ Facebook page offered clarification. It says in part “If a person who identifies as LGBT needs a video for their growing business, a vlog, shortfilm idea etc., we’d love to assist. We simply do not film gay ceremonies or engagements. This decision is based on personal religious beliefs.”

“But why are you going to pick and choose? Because if you don’t feel it’s the proper lifestyle or you can’t produce good families, why are you helping us with our business to support our family?” Suhyda said.

FOX31 reached out to the company by phone and email on Monday, but did not receive a response. For Anna and Amanda, they are not letting this decision take away from their big day.

“I don’t want it to be a good versus bad, or Christians versus gays. We’re gay and we’re Christian. We go to church, we read our bible, we listen to our church podcast, pray together. That’s what we want to take away from this. It doesn’t have to be a religious issue.”

The couple met with a lawyer, but as of now they have no plans to file a discrimination lawsuit.

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