4-year-old boy asking for help paying for surgery to help him walk

AURORA, Colo. – A four-year-old boy is asking for help becoming a superhero.

Luciano Colmenero was born with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, which is a neurological condition affecting the way his spine communicates with the muscles in his legs.

“Spasticity is basically like a board, so he can’t relax his muscles like we can,” his mother Mercedes told FOX31.

Luciano’s leg muscles are constantly contracted. It causes him to walk on his toes, his legs turn inward, and he often loses his balance.

“As he gets older, gains weight, gets taller the spasticity will get worse because it’s not allowing him to grow or stretch,” his mom said. “Eventually they will turn to a point where he won’t be able to walk.”

The little boy has to wear leg braces at night to maintain the flexibility that he currently has in his legs. He is also being fit for a wheelchair because he can’t walk for more than about a block at a time.

Doctors have developed a surgery technique called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy that often helps patients with Luciano’s condition. He calls it his “superhero surgery”.

“He says it’s going to make him as fast as Flash, as strong as Hulk and as brave as Batman,” his mom said.

The problem is, she says it will take a superhero-sized bank account to pay for it.

According to documentation Mercedes provided from St. Louis Children’s Hospital, the fixed cost for Luciano’s surgery is $39,745.

“I can’t afford the surgery,” she said. “How does anyone do this out of their pocket?”

The surgery is available in Colorado. However, Mercedes says she only feels comfortable with one doctor at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, which specializes in the procedure.

“The surgery is so invasive. It’s such a scary procedure that I don’t want anyone else to do the procedure on my son,” she said.

Since the hospital is outside of the state of Colorado, Mercedes says her insurance will not cover the costs.

“How do I tell my son, I’m sorry you can’t go running. You can’t go play. You have to be in this wheelchair now,” she said.

The family is fundraising through GoFundMe to get the money for Luciano’s surgery.

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