Police warn of ‘very disturbing’ trend of scammers targeting teachers

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The Lakewood Police Department said it has seen a “very disturbing” trend of teachers being targeted in scams in their own classrooms.

Police said Sunday a teacher will get a call or an email from a familiar number or email address.

The scammer, posing as a boss, will ask the teacher “to drop everything and get their classroom covered because they need the teacher to immediately leave and purchase several hundred dollars’ worth of gift cards for an undisclosed emergency.”

Police said the scammer would request photos of the numbers on the backs of the cards and get away with the money.

A second scam involves a teacher being contacted in the classroom by someone posing as a law enforcement officer.

The scammer tells the teacher there is a warrant out for their arrest.

To get rid of the warrant, the teacher must pay with gift or credit cards.

The scammer again asks the teacher to get the classroom covered and leave to get the gift cards.

Police said a fake phone tree has been set up impersonating not only the Lakewood police Department, but the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said anyone who needs to verify they are dealing with law enforcement can hang up and call 911; hang up and call Jeffcom 911’s non-emergency line at 303-980-7300; or go to any police station, not any location provided by the caller.


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