Man’s weight loss journey inspires others to do the same

ST. LOUIS — After losing more than 100 pounds, a Missouri man is inspiring others to improve their health.

In November 2017, FOX2 St. Louis did a story about Sean Mulroney, who weighed almost 700 pounds. Since then, he has shed 102 pounds and founded a website called the Obesity Revolution.

FOX2’s story went viral, as many people found Mulroney’s journey inspirational.

Because many gyms are not set up for people Mulroney’s size, he and his trainer, Brandon Glore, decided to launch a training center of their own.

Glore took his first 10 clients for free. One year after the program began, the 10 people have lost a combined 600 pounds, according to FOX2.

Moreover, Glore and Mulroney launched free basic training programs on the Obesity Revolution website. The pair also partnered with Teens of America on a nationwide initiative to address childhood obesity, diabetes and bullying among young people.

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