’48 hour Missing Challenge’ encourages teens to fake disappearance

Move over, Tide Pods. Now, police are warning parents of the latest challenge kids may be urged to participate in, and it could have dire consequences.

The “48 Hour Missing Challenge” encourages teens to fake their own disappearance, with the goal of gaining social media attention, including erroneous posts from news outlets.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t imagine it could get worse,” said Officer John Lacy of the Overland Park Police Department in Kansas. Police also fear the dangerous prank could discredit real emergencies and tie up law enforcement officers.

“It’s taking resources away from the police department, you know, if we respond to your home, we’re going to actively look for your child, we’re going to think this person is missing and they really are not missing and it’s taking away resources,” said Lacy.

Not only does the challenge have potential to cause emotional stress on families and loved ones, but participants could be slapped with charges for filing a false report.

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