Brandon Marshall, Mayor Hancock attend event to encourage DPS students to attend college

DENVER -- The Black Male Summit hosted by the Community College of Denver brought out some heavy hitters, including former Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

The event was held with the intention of inspiring young students from Denver Public Schools to attend college.

Brandon Marshall shared some of the hurdles he faced growing up, saying, "Me and my brother - and my mother, actually - we stayed in a shelter. My father was very abusive to my mother. He was on drugs and all that. It was tough, I had to try and create my own path, find my own way."

Marshall said that he surrounded himself with positive influences and friends who pushed him to work harder in order to succeed.

He also said that college, like football, should be treated with the same intensity, "Just because I play football - you might want to be a lawyer, it's the same grind. You gotta put in the work, you gotta sacrifice," he told the crowd.

One of the summit attendees,  Kyshaun Kuy, said that hearing from the speakers was inspirational and gave him drive to push through the last two years of high school and get accepted to college.

"I was very excited, it kinda inspired me to look at the world a different way and how to take part of my position matter what anybody says, you just believe and then you can do whatever you want," he said.

All attendees were given $500 scholarship offer to attend Community College of Denver.

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