Warm and windy days ahead; mountain snow starts Wednesday afternoon

DENVER -- Warmer temperatures move in on Tuesday with highs near 50 in Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins.  We'll see sunny skies and breezy southwest wind this afternoon up to 25 mph.

The mountains start sunny then turn partly cloudy this afternoon.  It will be windy above treeline with gusts up to 70 mph.

Then we're in for a stormy stretch across Colorado.

The Hawaii storm system and the Seattle storm system are going to get funneled into Colorado in three different pieces.

Heavy snow and strong wind is likely in the mountains of Colorado between Wednesday afternoon and Saturday afternoon.  Again, the snow accumulation will occur in three different periods with breaks in between.

Wind gusts above treeline could reach 80 mph.

Winds across the Front Range increase substantially Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

The chances of snow for the Front Range are low with only a 10-30 percent chance between Thursday and Sunday.  In other words, most of the snow will get blocked and captured by the mountains.

High temps stay abnormally warm near 60 on Wednesday through Thursday and possibly Friday.  Then temps turn much colder on Saturday-Sunday-Monday.

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