What actually happened inside Denver schools during strike?

DENVER -- Denver Public Schools elected to keep all schools open on Monday, the first day of a district-wide teacher strike.

So what actually happened inside the schools?

A video emerged early Monday of students jumping in the hallways -- seemingly without any direction or consequence. Many then marched out of school.

"It was crazy, the halls were crowded and the students, when they were in the classrooms, weren't listening to the teachers they were being loud on their phones stuff like that," Seth Jordan, a Senior at East High, said.

Superintendent Susana Cordova responded to the video Monday saying schools were more orderly than the video might suggest.

"It was not a normal day but I didn't see any classroom where it felt like students weren't safe or there wasn't supervision going on," Cordova said during a press conference.

Across town at the Denver School of the Arts, students reported entire floors closed. Students were most guided by signs to report to certain areas like the library.

"There were no adults to tell me what to do," Lauren Martin, a junior at Denver School of the Arts, said.

Martin left around 8:15 because of the lack of direction.

"It just seemed like the plan the school district had for keeping the schools open was more centered around day care than it had anything to do with school," Jack Martin, Lauren's father, said.

Denver Public Schools did allow us inside one school today -- Skinner Middle School.

Fox31's photojournalist Byron Stewart captured images of students learning and even playing music during music class. Stewart stressed he was not given full reign to shoot the entire school-only designated areas.

"Every moment is a teachable moment and that's what we are going through together," Michelle Koyama, Executive Principal of the School, said.

As for whether Jack Martin will send his daughter to school tomorrow?

"No - there is no point," Martin said.

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