Girl Scout sells outside dispensary

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LITTLETON, Colo. - Colorado Girl Scouts can sell cookies at pot shops. Girl Scouts of Colorado lifted its ban on adult-oriented businesses.

“We have a lot of people that are coming by and cash, so it's a good thing," Mark Akins, the dad of a Girl Scout, said.

Places like pot shops and breweries fall under what the Girl Scouts call adult-oriented businesses. Adult-oriented businesses used to be banned as cookie sale spots, now the ban is lifted.

Anne Marie Harper with Girl Scouts of Colorado said, "We received an overwhelming number of requests from girls, from parents and local breweries that wanted to support girls, to allow girls to come into their businesses and set up booths. Once we opened the door to breweries, the rest followed."

Days into the new setup, and one Girl Scout says the sales are better than what they experience at grocery stores.

“We’re selling here because this is where people are coming. so we’re not saying this is good or bad, it’s just this is where people are at, and this is where we’re selling," Akins said.

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