Broncos fans: It’s about time Bowlen, Bailey got Hall of Fame nod

DENVER -- It's the day Broncos fans have been waiting for years for, as owner Pat Bowlen and cornerback Champ Bailey were officially elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

"Pat Bowlen has been one of the best owners in the NFL for the longest time, really," said fan Quinn Foster.

Fans like Foster say it's about time Bowlen got the nod for Canton. He's happy for the Bowlen family, which has been through a lot in recent years with both Pat and his wife Annabel battling Alzheimer's disease.

Broncos fans describe Champ Bailey as a "beast," calling him one of the best cornerbacks in NFL history.

"Because he was a shutdown. You didn't always get to see the highlights because no one was ever going towards him," said fan Toma Bedolla.

"When he picked Tom Brady off in the end zone and almost took it back the entire way, oh man, that was great," Foster said, recalling a 103-yard return against Tom Brady in the 2006 playoffs. While he did not quite get a touchdown, Denver scored soon thereafter and won the game.

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