Denver police officer wounded in Sunday shooting released from hospital

DENVER -- For the second time this week, there was a massive show of police support at Denver Health Medical Center. This time, it was a celebration.

Denver Police Officer Richard Jaramillo was released from the hospital after being shot in the line of duty on Sunday.

"I think it's very important to show our support," Meaghan Witkowski said.

"This response highlights what the Denver Police Department is all about that is a family. We are a family," added Sgt. Carla Havard. "We are so thankful that the outcome happened the way that it did and these officers survived and are going to be well."

Officer Jaramillo surprised everyone by walking out of the hospital on his own.

"It’s incredible. He was determined to not come out in a wheelchair. It was nice he felt that boost to get up and go," Deputy Chief Barb Archer said.

"This was a really emotional experience for the whole police department," Archer added. "We went from tragic news on Sunday with officers being near death, to watching him walk out of the hospital. It's a testament to the quality of care here at Denver Health and a testament to the officer's resiliency."

The other officer wounded in Sunday's shooting just down the street from Denver Health, Officer Steve Gameroz, is still recovering.

Gameroz is a rookie with the department. Witkowski and Richard Dalton Eberharter went through the academy with him just last year.

"When an officer gets injured like this, it's great to see everyone come together in a positive way to support him," they said.

They said this would not deter them from wanting to serve their community.

"Not at all. Absolutely not. Not one second. At the end of the day we all have each other's back. it`s amazing.”

Doctors say both officers are making remarkable recoveries.

"He’s doing very well. We are thrilled," said Chair of Surgery at Denver Health, Mitchell Cohen. "He came in with life threatening injuries, we operated on him, he spent a few days in the hospital and he is doing great."

"We are lucky to best trauma center in Colorado or the world for that matter. We are very proud of the team here," Cohen said. "On Sunday night, they were both severely injured. There was a lot of tension, but we did what we do every day here for lots of injured and sick patients. We do it all the time, but it is especially gratifying to take care of one of our own. And we are called on to take care of Denver’s finest, in particular when they do well, we feel lucky and honored to do that."

Officer Jaramillo was overwhelmed by the show of support.

He waved at the crowd and simply said, “Thank you guys!”

Accounts have been established for Officers Jaramillo and Gameroz through the Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Federal Credit Union. Those wishing to donate can call the credit union at: 303-458-6660. Reference the following account numbers: 23000133 (Jaramillo) and 23000130 (Gameroz).

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