Local mother pushes for law to create registry of convicted child abusers

THORNTON, Colo. - A Thornton woman whose child was allegedly killed by a convicted child abuser is pushing for a change to Colorado laws. Alexis Lucero wants lawmakers to create a registry where people convicted of child abuse resulting in injury or death would have to register, much like sex offenders are required to do.

“Children are being killed and beaten and hurt, and a lot of those people have been previously convicted. I’m sitting here thinking, 'Someone needs to do something.' My daughter’s death could’ve easily been prevented. It made me feel like I failed as a parent, because it’s my duty as a parent to protect my kids from people like that," Lucero said.

Lucero's 7-month-old daughter, Maliah, was the victim of child abuse resulting in death. Alexis left her children at home with her then-boyfriend on Sept. 4, 2017. Maliah died the following day.

Police arrested the boyfriend and charged him. His trial is scheduled for April. Lucero had no idea he had been previously convicted of child abuse and had served six years in prison for it.

Lucero said the pain of losing her child was made worse knowing she may have been able to prevent it.

“On Sept. 5, I died with Maliah. There is a hole in your soul that you cannot fill no matter what you try to do. I used to be so angry with myself, more than anything, because I didn’t do what I needed to do to protect her research-wise," Lucero said.

Even after Maliah’s death, Lucero said it was hard for her to find answers about her boyfriend’s criminal record.

“I was looking on websites and it sends you to a link to a different link to a different link. And then you have to pay $4.95 with this one with a year membership. I physically had to get up and go to the courthouse and look up the records myself," Lucero said.

Through her grief, Lucero is working on a proposed law named after her daughter.

“With Maliah's law, I feel we take that step in alerting the public in any way we can and have these people register. I feel that would make a difference. Basically, anyone who has child abuse in their history resulting in serious bodily injury, I feel should register like sex offenders do. I feel it would aid the public and parents to be able to protect our children the way they deserve to be protected. They are innocent," Lucero said.

Lucero is making calls, doing research and gathering input. She said she received significant support for the idea when she posted about it on Facebook.

"I did not expect that. It’s too late for Maliah, but it’s not too late to save someone else. That’s what I plan to do: I plan to fight for those children who can’t speak for themselves," Lucero said.

FOX31 and Channel 2 are not identifying the suspect in Maliah’s death because his trial is pending.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers have reached out to state lawmakers who are interested in talking to Alexis and doing more research on her proposal.

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