Snow shoveling laws in effect to keep pedestrians safe

DENVER -- Local shoveling laws are in effect after Monday's snowstorm as a way to keep pedestrians safe.

Most every city in the Denver metro area requires residents to clear sidewalks after a storm.

In Denver, Aurora and may other cities, residents have 24 hours after the snow stops falling. That means sidewalks should be cleared by noon Tuesday.

Residents can face fines starting at $150 for not doing it, but the city will typically will issue a warning ahead of time.

There are a number of new apps such as Lawn love and Snohub that will get someone to do the shoveling. Think of it like an Uber for a sidewalk.

Residents sign up and tell a local person with a shovel or snowblower where to shovel. The price starts at about $50 for most areas.

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