RTD responds to train derailment that injured passenger

AURORA, CO - RTD responding for the first time after a passenger was thrown out of a car as a result of a train derailment during the snowy commute Monday.

RTD not giving out many details, but they did say everything is under investigation.

“We have fielded questions and i can respect that people have questions," Laurie Huff with RTD said.

The Problem Solvers asked RTD what caused the accident, how this could happen, and if anyone is being held responsible.

“I don’t have the answer and anything that I might say would be speculative so I would say, we look forward to getting the results of Aurora’s investigation and looking at our own review and I suspect we will have that answer at that time," Huff said.

RTD will complete an internal investigation. Aurora Police are in charge of the criminal aspects of the case. There will not be a summary for several weeks according to a spokesperson with the department.

“People should have confidence in our system, that we review our processes and our procedures and we are just as eager as they might be to understand what happened here," Huff said.

RTD says it will wait for Aurora's summary before deciding if anyone is at fault. The driver of the train is on paid leave.

Aurora Police have said they are looking to speed and weather as factors.

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