Denver enforces snow removal ordinance, highlights problem locations

DENVER -- If you haven’t shoveled your snow, you could face a fine! Cities across the Denver metro have ordinances on the books. In the Mile High City, not shoveling could cost you $150. But, despite enforcement, plenty of sidewalks in Denver remained snow packed one day after Monday’s storm.

“It can get difficult,” Roman Powers said as he navigated a Capitol Hill sidewalk in his wheelchair. “The smaller wheel catches a footprint that’s in the ice … so it’ll dump me instantly.”

Across Denver, it was a patchwork of well-maintained sidewalks and pathways that could use a little love. The City is taking notice.

“Our inspectors will go out proactively to check certain commercial corridors where know there’s a lot of foot traffic,” said Alex Foster with the City and County of Denver.

Citywide, these homes have received 7 - 8 violations since early 2018. Denver says it will respond to neighbor complaints.

Pedestrians say it’s time for Denverites to do better.

“Sometimes I’ll even take the road,” Powers said. “It’s a little more manicured sometimes than the sidewalk is.”

Denver, Aurora and other cities wait until the snow stops falling for 24 hours before issuing citations.

For the elderly, Denver supports a volunteer program called Snow Buddies.


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