Neighbor says suspect accused of shooting two officers “was never a menace”

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DENVER – The suspect accused of shooting two Denver police officers has died following the hours-long standoff and house fire.

The neighbor who lives next door to the suspects says he “wasn’t surprised based on just the type of person he was. At the same time, it’s shocking.”

Will Evans has lived next door to the suspect and his mother since 2013.

“He’s just an individual that failed to leave home,” Evans said.

The suspect’s identity will be released by Denver’s Medical Examiner. Evans says he is in his mid to late 30’s.

“He came up at a time when that neighborhood was much more prone to gang violence and never got out of that culture,” he said.

Evans say she never felt unsafe living next door to the man.

“He was never a menace. He was never a threat to the people around him,” he said. “I just think he was disenfranchised from society.”

According to Evans, earlier in the day his neighbor had been seen outside with a rifle or shotgun pointed at two people riding bicycles.

Police are still investigating what led up to the standoff and shooting.

Evans says, “I think it’s just a lot of life building up that got to a boiling point.”

He had to shelter in place during the hours-long ordeal and captured the whole thing on camera.

“I was just trying to watch and document because I’ve never seen anything like this up close in my entire life,” Evans said.

He was still inside his home when flames began shooting out of the suspect’s house.

“The flames were definitely lapping the side of my building. I could feel the heat from the flames in the upstairs bedroom,” he said.

According to the suspect’s family, the suspect took his own life shortly before the standoff ended. Denver Police say he died at Denver Health Monday morning.

“His mother is a stand-up human being, a strong member of the community,” Evans said.

“She’s been protecting him and trying to take care of him her whole life, not give up on her child. And to have it spill out into the street into open gun battle where two cops are shot and then he takes his own life after and the house gets set on fire, she has lost her entire world.”

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