Good Samaritan uses belt as tourniquet to help ejected RTD Train passenger

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AURORA, Colo. -- An RTD train full of passengers derailed from the tracks on Monday morning. A woman was ejected out onto the street with serious injuries.

“One minute you saw her and the next minute she hit the door and she was gone,” Ben Dennis said.

A passenger was thrown from an RTD Light Rail Train.

“It’s one of those situations you don’t feel like it’s real,” Dennis said.

Monday morning started out as a typical commute for Dennis. He got on the A-line near his home in Green Valley Ranch and then took the R-line at Peoria, but minutes later chaos erupted.

“The train rocked back and forth,” Dennis said.

He said the train derailed at the intersection of Exposition and Sable. The top cable snapped. The floor buckled.

“Everybody from this side of the train flew to this side of the train,” Dennis explained.

Dennis said smoke filled the train cab. A woman was thrown through the door and out into the intersection.

“She was laying in the middle of the street with her what was left of her leg in the air screaming help me, help me,” Dennis said.

Still shaken up, Dennis knew he had to act fast.

“So I took off my belt and I started tying it around her thigh,” Dennis explained. “There was another guy who was larger and more capable and he moved it down and started tightening it.”

He used his belt as a tourniquet as paramedics rushed in. Several more passengers suffered minor injuries. Dennis remains modest about his role in helping the woman.

FOX31: “Do you consider yourself a hero?”

Ben Dennis: “No.”

FOX31: “Why?”

Ben Dennis: “I just lent a belt.”

Dennis said the driver of the train took the curve too fast. Aurora Police said both speed and weather conditions may be factors in this incident. We asked if the driver will face charges – and police said that’s part of their active investigation.

FOX31 reached out to RTD multiple times on Monday, but at the time of this report, our phone messages were not returned.

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