Local teen hoping for kidney transplant

DENVER -- Chloe Forrester's friends and family will tell you she's a girl who loves life. Her mother Melissa describes her as “an amazing soul with a lot of compassion.”

Chloe is active in her school choir and spent time riding with the famed Westernaires horse club, but she can no longer participate after being diagnosed with scar tissue on her kidneys in May 2018. Chloe must now spend several hours a day receiving dialysis treatments at Children’s Hospital, where she even spent her 16th birthday.

"It takes three and a half hours to really clean my blood. It's difficult coming here every day and sitting here in front of this machine," Chloe said.

Chloe says her family keeps her strong.

“They're basically always there for me and supporting me any way they can," Chloe said.

“I come to every treatment. It's my kid. I just get up every day and do whatever is required. She's my best friend," Melissa said.

Melissa tells FOX31 she’s holding out hope that a qualified match can be found immediately so she can see her daughter enjoy the things she loves once again.

“I just want to able to find my daughter a kidney so she can get back to her life and enjoy everything that everybody else gets to," Melissa said.

Even with the challenge she faces, Chloe takes the time to tell FOX31 that she feels for anyone else struggling with health issues. She hopes someone will come forward who will be the perfect match for her as soon as possible.

“It has to be an A blood type. It would be awesome. I love these guys, but it would be kind of cool to get out of (the hospital) and go back to my life," Chloe said.

A GoFundMe has been established for Chloe. Potential donors should contact Children’s Hospital Colorado's pediatric transplant program to see if they are a match.

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