Homeowners say man waited for them to leave for work and approached their homes

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DENVER --  People in one Denver neighborhood say that a man is hanging around their street, watching to see when people leave for work and then approach their home.

Two people said that they caught him on their home surveillance camera and are now warning others to be on the look out for people watching before you leave for work.

A couple told FOX31's Emily Allen that they thought the guy was walking his dog or standing by his car when they spotted him before leaving for work one morning.

Their home surveillance camera captured the man waiting almost an hour to make sure they weren't coming back and then approached their home. The man was captured peaking into the windows and looking around.

The couple said that they have to leave for work through their front door and now worry about who's watching them.

"It’s uneasy, that’s for sure. You have to leave to go to work but knowing that someone is always watching is a very uneasy feeling," the resident told FOX31. "We have valuables, pets. And I am 6 months pregnant with the baby and what if this person came into our house and he was at work."

Another neighbor told FOX31 that the same thing happened at her home and the man was caught on video doing the same thing hours later.

Both homeowners said they reported the incident to police. The homeowners shared the videos with FOX31 but we decided to blur his face because he's not technically doing anything illegal.

The residents hope by sharing the videos it will deter other people who have similar ideas.

Here's some tips on what you can do to make sure your home is safe after you leave:

  • Leave lights and radios on when you’re not home so burglars think someone is inside.
  • Trim back shrubs right next to your home to reduce places criminals can hide.
  • Join a neighborhood watch so neighbors can keep tabs on who’s hanging around your home when no one should be.
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