Teachers protest outside DPS board meeting

DENVER -- Teachers protested outside a DPS board meeting in downtown Denver Thursday.

Teachers are planning to strike over demands for increased pay, but it is unclear when the strike will take place.

At one point Thursday, protesters marched into the building where the board was meeting.

"Our administration is bloated and overpaid while we have teachers who can barely afford to feed their families. That is why we voted to strike," said teacher Rebecka Hendricks.

Teachers like Becky Garreau spoke before the board Thursday.

"I wondered if it would be worth it for me to switch districts to make a livable wage," Garreau said.

Fourteen-year-old Leilani Escalera said she was concerned about a strike's effect on her education.

"My difficult classes like physics and math are being put on pause and I don’t know if the people who are going to be teaching me will know what they are talking about," Escalera said.

DPS says its current offer for teacher pay would enable Denver teachers to make more lifetime pay than those in neighboring suburban districts.

"It’s a good offer, but we also understand the frustration that our teachers face because we are inadequately funding our education system here in Colorado," said DPS CFO Mark Ferrandino.

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