Cremains of Castle Rock woman’s father lost in mail

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- A Castle Rock woman says her father's ashes were lost in the mail.

Raquel Schirmann was very close to her father, Fructuoso Lopez.

"He  taught me how to swim. He taught me how to ride a bike. We had a great time on Pikes Peak," said a tearful Schirmann.

Lopez passed away at the age of 81 in January 2018.

”He always provided good advice," Schirmann said, fighting back tears.

Lopez died in Germany. He was cremated and his remains were shipped to the United States in April 2018.

"It took them a little bit because they had to gather all the documentation. They had to contact the embassy. They had to make  sure everything was right," said Schirmann.

Days passed, then weeks. Schirmann was confused because she was told the ashes were stuck in customs, and then cleared customs.

The United States Postal Service told the Problem Solvers the remains were scanned in San Francisco, but that’s where the trail runs cold. USPS also said it used scent dogs to locate the remains. They found ashes and an urn, but not those of Schirmann's father.

"Maybe, someone else has ashes that don’t even belong to them," Schirmann said.

The USPS said it has checked every location from San Francisco to Castle Rock.

“Whoever handles that package should have the heart to make sure it gets processed with care," Schirmann said.

By law, the USPS cannot be held liable for lost packages.

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