Video shows 6 vehicles being stolen from Loveland car lot

LOVELAND, Colo. -- The search is on for thieves who stole several vehicles in the middle of the night from a car lot in Loveland.

The owners of Premier Truck & Auto Center captured the thefts on video just after midnight Monday morning.

“It was so unreal. Like, no way. Did this really happen?" said general manager Kenneth Smith.

The surveillance video appears to show a man breaking down the door to the car lot's office. He finds keys to the vehicles and steals six of them during the following seven hours.

Smith said police are requesting the man's face is not shown because the investigation is ongoing.

Vehicles stolen include a Ford F-250, a Cadillac Escalade and a Subaru Impreza.

"It’s heartbreaking. It’s something in this industry you never want to come across. We work hard to keep our trucks. Without inventory, we can’t make money," Smith said.

Smith said the thefts will cost him thousands of dollars in losses even though he’s insured.

Many of the vehicles will require new keys even though they weren’t stolen.

While the car lot has a silent alarm, it was not working for an unknown reason.

Workers here are now focusing on getting their lot back in order, hoping someone spots their stolen vehicles.

While there have been no arrests, Smith said one of the vehicles has been found and is being processed by police.

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