Diabetic Texas teen’s service dog fatally shot outside her home

QUINLAN, Texas — A diabetic alert dog trained to help prevent a 15-year-old girl from going into diabetic shock was shot to death by someone outside her north Texas home.

KDFW reports that someone shot the golden retriever, Journey, at their home in Quinlan, Texas.

“He was breathing really hard and his gums were white, then he laid his head on my lap,” Hannah Westmoreland told KTVT. “I just went over there and kissed him on the head and told him everything was going to be OK.”

Westmoreland was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 8 years old. At age 12, she met Journey after the community helped raised $10,000 so her mom, who is a single parent, could buy the service dog.

“He took Hannah’s little hero for no reason. He took what has saved her life more than once,” said her mom, Tina Westmoreland, through tears. “He was going to be with her while she was in college, to keep her help healthy in college.”

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting but the family says they have no idea who would do this.

“There’s no good reason,” Tina Westmoreland said. “None.”

The Westmoreland’s told KDFW that the family has a fence in the back, but the gate was open. They also said they heard four-wheelers in the area but did not hear gunshots.

They added that Journey never barked and may have obeyed commands from a stranger.

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