Teens struggle to figure out rotary phone in hilarious video

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CHICAGO — Two teenagers in Illinois were tasked with learning how to use a rotary phone in four minutes. Spoiler alert: They failed

Kevin Bumstead shared the hilarious video of his son Jake and nephew Kyle that has no been viewed more than 23 million times and shared more than 411,000 times as of Sunday.

In the video, the two 17 year olds can be seen struggling to figure out how to dialing on the phone works. The two used problem solving skills to kinda figure it out – the only problem was they didn’t pick up the receiver.

“Are we supposed to pick up the phone and then do it?” Kyle asks in the video.

“Put the phone to your ear. What do you hear?” someone off camera said. “ What does it sound like?”

“Doooooooo,” Jake said, imitating the dial tone.

Bumstead said that he got the idea about a week before Christmas when he saw something similar on YouTube. So he decided to pair up all the cousins by age group and give them each four minutes to figure out how to use the phone.

He said that Jake and Kyle took the longest to figure it out.

“Kyle took the lead at first and we both really had no idea what we were doing,” Jake said.

Eventually it appeared the teens were about to succeed in the quest, but time ran out.

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