New music school in Lakewood teaches tots, teens to rock out

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A chain of for-profit music education classes has spread throughout Canada, Mexico, and all across the United States. The latest addition is in Lakewood.

School of Rock brings together kids of all ages -- from toddlers to teens -- to learn music in an unorthodox way. Thomas Kinsey, the founder of the school, said that the company's approach teaches music to children individually before bringing them together to perform in a band.

"All of the parents so far that we've been talking to just really love the idea of having something a little bit different than your traditional music lessons," he said.

Students who have been attending classes at a nearby School of Rock in Aurora say the classes not only teach them music, but also push them beyond their comfort zone.

"I'm just kind of a naturally timid, shy person. But being here and being forced to kind of fake confidence on stage really broke me out of that," said Amanda Morin.

Veterans of the program say they like the sense of community that comes with working together in a band.

"All the little kids that are coming in here new that are kind of trying to figure things out, they're always super kind to the big kids and trying to learn from them. And it's just a great experience and a great place to be," said Lucy Geilsleman, a student at the school.

With more than 30,000 students enrolled in classes globally, founders have every reason to believe this latest School of Rock addition will be a smashing success.

School of Rock in Lakewood is currently accepting new students and more information can be found on its website.

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