Backyard Chickens in Colorado

Many Coloradans are raising their own chickens for many different reasons.  For some it’s to cut down cost for buying eggs at the store, while others just want to know where their eggs come from.  For whatever reason, it’s a growing trend especially here in the metro Denver area.

Leigh and Emma Bray with Chicken Coops of Colorado tells us the benefits to backyard chicken and according to them, it’s a great way to have control over your food quality and the eggs are delicious and more nutritious.

Not only are the eggs more flavorful, but according to Leigh, chickens make great family pets, each with distinct personalities.

If you’re looking to have chickens in your backyard, check with your city websites and neighborhood rules on whether or not it’s permitted. Here in Denver, homeowners are allowed to 8 chickens or ducks and up to two goats.

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