Colorado’s snowpack has dropped and will remain below average for some time

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DENVER — After a wet October and November, December dried to the point that Colorado’s snowpack declined below average where it is likely to stay for the foreseeable future.

Season to date totals are highest in the northcentral Rockies, not far from Steamboat Springs where estimates of the season’s snowfall are over 200 inches.

For ski areas, those that reported to us Tuesday: Steamboat Resort has measured 136 inches at mid-mountain for the season so far.  Loveland Ski Area reports 167 inches on the season.

The drought in the mountains is likely to continue through January as there’s little snowfall in the foreseeable future for the rest of the month. The next system approaches for Friday, however, totals are likely under 4 inches in most cases.

The mountains had been the bright spot in Colorado’s snow outlook. The plains and metro areas are and have been, in an ongoing snow drought for the season.

Denver currently in a top ten least snowy season with a total of 8.2 inches to date, that is more than a foot below average. Surrounding locations are below average in snowfall totals also.

This map shows how many inches below and above average for locations across Colorado through January 4th.

The outlook for early Spring remains positive with long-range conditions that typically offer higher than average precipitation.

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