CDOT crews installing guardrails along I-70 where mother was killed in head-on crash

GENESEE, Colo. – On Tuesday, Colorado Department of Transportation crews began installing guardrails along a stretch of Interstate 70 where a mother was killed in a head-on crash on Christmas Eve.

The goal of the project is to help reduce the severity of crashes. CDOT said this project has been in the works for months.

AAA Colorado says guardrails are 94 percent effective in preventing head-on crashes.

Mother of four and beloved science teacher, Sancy Shaw, was killed in the crash. FOX31 previously talked to Sancy’s husband, Brett.

“Sancy was one in a million. She embodied the word 'love,'” Shaw said.

The Colorado State Patrol says Sancy and her 6-year-old daughter, Charlee, were driving west on I-70 near Genesee when Cheri Goodard, suspected of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, crossed the center line and drove head-on into the Shaws. Both drivers were killed. Charlee was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

“We keep telling her we’re with her and she’s safe,” Shaw said.

There were no median barriers in the spot where the Shaws were hit, but CDOT is in the middle of a $2.5 million project that will add continuous guardrails on I-70 for the 8.5-mile stretch from Genesee to the Morrison exit. It is expected to be completed by the end of February.

“We’re placing the guard rail there to help reduce the severity of crashes and to possibly help prevent a car going from eastbound and crossing over to westbound,” Tamara Rollison said.

AAA Colorado tracks statistics and said a recent guardrail installation project along a Missouri Interstate made a significant impact.

“Prior to a median being installed, there were 25 fatalities. One year after the median was installed, there were zero. There were still crashes, but the crashes weren’t fatal,” Skyler McKinley, director of public relations with AAA Colorado said.

But ultimately, both CDOT and AAA said the responsibility is on the driver.

“What prevents crashes aren’t roadway obstacles, it’s drivers. And it’s the choices drivers make,” McKinley said.

The Shaw family continues to provide updates on Charlee’s condition through their Caring Bridge website. Recent posts read:

“Charlee continues to amaze us with her progress.  We know there may be days when we don’t see another step forward, but thus far, she has been a real fighter! Prayer is powerful, and Charlee is the focus of so many prayer warriors!”

“The doctors have decided to postpone Charlee’s next surgery to a later date and we will update everyone as soon as we know what that date is. The nurses are going to give her a bath today and wash her hair. Knowing the way the nurses take care of her I’m sure it will be more like a spa day than just a bath! Thank you for your continued prayers. God is Good!”

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