Woman inspires others to keep New Years resolutions

AURORA, Colo. – A year and a half ago when Brittany Burke moved to Colorado, she says she was unhappy and lost.

“I really felt lost,” she said. “I would kind of yo-yo diet. I would go all in and then fall off track.”

In January 2018, she decided to take on a New Year’s resolution to “just tone up a little bit” but she says she didn’t tell anyone she was doing it because she didn’t know if it was going to work.

One year later, she has gone through a total body transformation.

“I have lost 75 pounds,” she said.

Burke began using Beachbody at-home workouts and containers to control her portion sizes and revamp her nutrition.

She works out in her basement while following a group fitness style workout that can range from cardio to strength training.

After two weeks on the program, she says she was hooked.

“I felt things physically, mentally, emotionally just a total transformation that I never felt from anything else I had ever done,” Burke said.

She says now when she looks at her “before” photos they are inspiring.

“I think, what did I do to myself? And I joke, why didn’t anyone say anything to me?” she said.

Her biggest piece of advice for others having trouble sticking to their health goals is to set smaller goals on the way to bigger ones.

“I took it one day at a time and I never really looked ahead. I just continued to do it,” she said.

You can follow Brittany’s journey on Instagram.

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