Centennial woman concerned about sick, emaciated coyote in neighborhood

CENTENNIAL, Colo. -- A south metro woman says she is concerned about a sick, malnourished coyote that has been wandering her neighborhood.

Melissa Swanson lives near the intersection of East Arapahoe Road and South Holly Street in Centennial.

"I thought it was a dog at first," said Swanson. "I took a look at him for a couple of minutes and realized quickly it was a coyote, but something was not right with him."

The coyote has been seen in yards and common spaces around the neighborhood. Swanson has recorded it. Videos show an animal that appears to be very sick and emaciated.

"I never thought I would look at a coyote and think, 'That poor thing,' but he was really suffering," said Swanson. The mother said she is concerned about the sick animal coming into contact with people and pets. She contacted Arapahoe County Animal Control and was told it does not deal with wild animals.

"Mange is highly contagious, so not only was that animal suffering, it was putting a lot of innocent children and people at risk," said Swanson.

The Problem Solvers learned that if a local animal control in Colorado only deals with domestic animal problems, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is responsible for wild animal cases in that jurisdiction.

CPW warned to not attempt to control or kill an animal that appears to be ill or a threat to humans. It advised contacting authorities.

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