Pinpoint Weather Alert Day: Snow, wind makes for blizzard conditions south and east of Denver

Denver has the most expensive public transit prices in the nation

DENVER -- Public transit in Denver is the most expensive in the nation compared to cities of similar size or larger, according to a new report by Streetsblog Denver.

RTD raised prices for one-way local routes from $2.60 to $3 for adults, which is more than twice the price of bus and train tickets in Austin and Houston.

Fares for riders in Denver are also much higher than in New York and San Francisco, where tickets are less expensive and the cost of living is higher.

Regional fares went from $4.50 to $5.25, while the University of Colorado A Line between Union Station and Denver International Airport increased from $9 to $10.50.

In addition, RTD plans more cuts to bus service in 2019.

In the summer, RTD will roll out a low-income program, giving certain qualifying riders 40 percent off.