Congressman Jason Crow keeps promise, votes against Pelosi for speaker

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WASHINGTON -- Newly sworn-in Democratic Congressman Jason Crow did not vote for Rep. Nancy Pelosi for speaker on Thursday as the 116th Congress convened.

Instead, Crow cast his vote for Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois.

Crow promised during the campaign he thought new leadership was needed and that he would vote against Pelosi as speaker.

"I believe we need a new generation of leadership in our country," Crow said in a statement. "That is a belief that extends beyond party and even towards politicians and leaders whom I greatly admire, as is in the case in today's vote. But I stand by my pledge to the sixth district.

"In nominating Senator Tammy Duckworth, I hope to present a vision of what that new generation of leadership looks like. As a veteran, mother of a young child, and woman of color, Senator Duckworth exemplifies exactly that.

"There is no shortage of brilliant, talented folks in our caucus and I hope we as a party can continue to lift them up as leaders.

"I look forward to working with Speaker Pelosi who I know will lead Democrats forward in unity. Now is the time to refocus the fight on ending this absurd shutdown and re-opening our government for business."

All other Democratic members of Congress from Colorado voted for Pelosi, who ran unopposed. That includes Congressman Ed Perlmutter, who previously said he was opposed to Pelosi as Speaker. Perlmutter voted for Pelosi after securely a promise she would only serve as Speaker for a limited number of years.

Newly sworn-in Democratic Congressman Joe Neguse of Colorado enjoyed prime seating behind Pelosi during the nomination process on the floor of the House.

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