Boulder moms rally to help pay off county’s school lunch debt

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BOULDER, CO - The holiday cheer in Boulder continues into the New Year after one woman decided she wanted to do something about the thousands of dollars the Boulder Valley School District has in school lunch debt.

Kate Lacroix took to Facebook this holiday season with a post. In part she said, “The bad news is that you’re going to have to drink crappy office coffee today, the good news is you’re graduating to full hero status.”

Lacroix made a plea to all her people, asking them for help in paying off the BVSD's ever growing lunch debt. Lunch debt is the amount of money owed as some students and their families struggle to pay for food. The school system never really pays it off, so over the years it continues to rise. To date, the BVSD lunch debt is at $232,000.

“I felt the need to contribute to it," a different Kate, Kate Hise said. “I’ve been in this personal position with my own child.”

Years ago when her son was an elementary school student at a BVSD school, Hise said, “There were times that my son would go to school and his lunch balance would be at a negative, and in that sometimes he wouldn’t get lunch.”

Hise went on to say, “There was a person who got wind of this and put in a contribution of about $100 that got him though the rest of the school year.”

Now years later, Hise's contribution to Lacroix's efforts is what she calls the act of paying it forward.

BVSD has changed policies over the years and now a kid is never denied lunch if he/she can't pay. The bad news is, someone has to foot the bill.

“It’s important because the money that goes towards covering the balances for kids who aren’t able to afford to pay for lunch is taken out of the general budget for BVSD and it really feels like if we can level that out, and if we can close that deficit a little bit, so that we’re not taking from one area, to pay for the next everybody benefits," Hise said.

Some businesses are getting involved too. Lucky's a Boulder grocery store has agreed to match all donations - there are ways for everyone to get involved and make a difference.

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