What will happen to liquor stores now that grocery stores sell full strength beer?

DENVER -- 2019 means full-strength beer is finally coming to grocery stores in Colorado.

After decades of what many considered antiquated beer laws, 3.2 beer is no more come January 1. Any grocery store that sold 3.2 beer before, can sell full-strength beer after midnight.

"Today we celebrate bringing Colorado beer laws into the 21st century" David Hosroth, Vice President of King Soopers, said during a New Years Eve event at the Capitol Monday.

So will this be the beginning of the end to liquor stores? Not so fast.

That's because wine and liquor are still restricted at grocery stores across the state.

"Wine and liquor are handled separately," State Senator Chris Holbert said.

Holbert explained that the same bill that allowed 3.2 beer to go away in 2019, also limits how many grocery stores can sell wine and liquor.

"Over a 20 year period the groceries stores will be able to have 20 locations where they will be able to sell everything," Holbert added.

That means Colorado has until 2036 until grocery stores become true equivalents to a liquor store.

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