Broncos fans predict coach change is coming

DENVER -- Will Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph stay or go?

That's the biggest question facing the Broncos as they wrap up their season Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

"You never hope that somebody gets fired," says Erich Krueger. "But I think that it would probably be a great step forward for the team."

Fans like Krueger have been predicting the end of Joseph's tenure in Denver for a number of weeks.

Under Joseph, the Broncos have posted consecutive losing seasons for the first time since 1972.

"I think his tenure with the Broncos ends tomorrow morning," said John Buckley, known in Broncos Country as the "Mile High Prophet."

"I think we've been out-coached all season. It's as simple as that," adds Buckley.

But not every Broncomaniac is ready to throw in the towel on Joseph.

"I'll get it either way," says Katherine Highland. "I'd love for him to get another year personally, just to give him another chance, to really get in there and get his feet wet, but I understand if they've got to make a change."

One thing is certain: don't expect John Elway to delay the decision past Monday, when the players clean out their lockers at Dove Valley.

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