New body scanners help speed up security checks at DIA

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DENVER -- New body scanners to speed up the trip through security were launched this week at Denver International Airport, just in time for a busy weekend of holiday travel.

The scanners move passengers through more quickly and people don't have to lift their arms, a benefit for those with physical limitations.

"The real speed is if there is a threat on the body, it's easier to identify and it's seconds quicker," said Larry Nau with the Transportation Security Administration. "When you're processing over 70,000 passengers a day, seconds make a difference."

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In September, DIA rolled out automatic screen lanes that have been a big hit, making it more efficient to get through security and allowing passengers to not wait on slower people.

The new technology will be incorporated into the new construction that wraps up at the end of 2021.

TSA is projecting Friday and Wednesday, the day after Christmas, as its busiest. Officials say passengers should give themselves extra time to park and to get through security.

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