Tech Junkie Gift Guide – Smart Watches

Smart Watches are finally grown up enough that it’s a tech product worth buying!  Early models had bad battery life, less than stellar screens and early software that just didn’t feel ready.  Now, things are better!  There are a ton of great options on the market, here are a few worth checking out.

Apple Watch Series 4 – $399+

If you’re an Apple customer, you can’t go wrong with an Apple Watch.  Their software experience has gotten so much better since the original Series 1 model.  The battery life will get you though a solid day, maybe a bit more if you don’t use it all that much throughout the day.  The watch looks good, the built-in heart rate monitor is a great way to monitor your activity.  The only problem is, it’s expensive.  At $400 you’re paying for the Apple name and Apple quality.  Worth it?  Maybe.

Samsung Galaxy Watch – $280+

Even Apple users have other options – Samsung’s Galaxy Watch works on both iPhone and Android.  They have also been through a few generations of watches and the newest is the best yet.  These watches finally look better, are thinner and will last an entire day.  I love the outer ring on the Galaxy Watch that you spin to control the interface.  It’s a great option for anyone looking to get a high-end smart watch without paying a high-end price.

Fitbit Versa – $150

You don’t have to spend over $200 to get a cool smart watch.   Fitbit released their Versa watch this year and I’m a big fan.  Sure, it lacks a microphone for speaking text messages but it does just about everything else you’d expect from a smart watch.  Best part is, 4 days on a single charge!  For me, this sold it.  Most watches need to be juiced up daily.  I don’t like taking my watch off at night because I like to track my sleep.  The Versa has a heart rate monitor on the bottom and will display notifications from your phone.  You can reply to messages with pre-set quick replies.  At $150 (on sale right now) you almost can’t go wrong.

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