How to make family time drama-free during the holidays

DENVER -- It’s that time of year when so many people are stressed out trying to plan the perfect holiday for their huge, sometimes challenging, family.

Here are five ways to help you survive.

  1. Try to avoid certain subjects like politics, religion, and parenting advice: "Try to stay away from all that,” said Julie Reynolds, a licensed professional counselor in Centennial.
  2. Sip carefully, too much alcohol can fuel a fight
  3. Clearly establish house rules for guest
  4. Assign seats at the dinner table, putting people who don’t get along on opposite ends: "The holiday table is not the right time to be digging everything up,” Reynolds said.
  5. Plan activities outside the house, some for the group and some just for you to get some down time

Plus, be sure to focus on all you have to be grateful for.

"Be present, be mindful, be in the moment, and just enjoy the time you have with your family,” Reynolds said.

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