RTD releases proposal to fix A Line issues

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DENVER -- RTD released its plan to solve problems that have plagued its A Line trains, which connect downtown with Denver International Airport.

Last Friday, the Federal Railroad Administration ordered RTD to come up with a proposal to fix the issues or face a shut-down.

In the proposal, RTD acknowledged the problems associated with A Line crossings and explained what is being done to correct them.

The crossing gates have been an issue since the line between Union Station and the airport opened in 2016.

According to the government, in one week in August, inspectors found 63 instances where the gates closed earlier or lifted up later than federal standards require.

Crossing guards man the gates to make sure drivers don't go around them.

RTD said high winds are breaking some crossing arms, which are now being replaced with articulating gate arms.

Additionally, RTD found eight locations were warning activations last more than 35 seconds over the warning time window. RTD's solution is to rerun trains' approach calculations. It also said high-rises near Union Station are affecting its GPS signal, creating a longer warning time at the York Street crossing than necessary.

RTD said it will conduct tests with FRA inspectors.


Despite the problems, RTD recently announced it was expanding A Line service due to increased ridership.

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