Regis Jesuit’s dunking sensation is changing the game

AURORA, Colo. -- You don’t have to be a math wiz to know that Regis Jesuit’s Fran Belibi is one of a kind.

“She is going to be the greatest player to ever play here,” said Regis girls basketball coach Carl Mattei. “She’s taken everything to another level.”

Belibi shocked the basketball world in her sophomore season when she became the first female Colorado player to dunk in a high school game.

Now a senior, Belibi hadn’t dunked in a game since her sophomore season. Then, Wednesday night happened. In the second quarter of a state championship rematch against Grandview High School, Belibi ran the length of the floor and threw down an unbelievable dunk. It has since been viewed millions of times.

“I just had my teammates sending me screenshots of different people who have been talking about it,” said Belibi, who does not use social media.

She has become a viral sensation, but the most sensational thing about Belibi has nothing to do with basketball.

“She is so brilliant that I think that’s the reason she picks up the concepts and masters the concepts,” Mattei said.

She studies the game of basketball the same way that she studies for her challenging slate of classes. Before and after the game against Grandview, she was studying for a final exam.

“This morning, I had a final for calculus that was really stressful," Belibi said.

She scored a 35 on her ACT, just one point off a perfect score. She’s so focused on her academics that after she finishes her playing career at Stanford University, she doesn’t want to play basketball professionally. Instead, she plans to go straight to medical school.

“I want to be a pediatrician," said Belibi, whose parents are both doctors. “I feel like [it's] my calling. I mean, I’m inspiring people now, but I feel like being a doctor you inspire more.”

It’s hard to deny that Belibi was born to play basketball, and there will always be those who root for her to have a long playing career.

“To what she could do for girls around the world, it’s fun,” said Mattei. “Let her enjoy this gift God gave her, is what I as a basketball coach [look] at.”

Whatever her future holds, Belibi has already changed the game and shown the world that limits do not exist.

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