Fans demand change after Broncos eliminated from playoffs

DENVER -- It’s official: the Broncos were eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday after the Tennessee Titans beat the New York Giants. Now, Denver fans are demanding change for next season. Some say the coaching staff needs to go.

When asked to describe the past season, fans had a definitively negative reaction:

Joe Montoya: “Tragic.”

Aidan Waal: “It was a rough one.”

Kim Montoya: “Frustrating.”

The momentum started off strong for the season opener at Broncos Stadium at Mile High, but soon, the Broncos spiraled downward. Die-hard fan Joe Montoya, watched every game.

“With the Broncos, they’ve always put a decent product on the field. The product on the field now is not a decent one. How can I put it? The football we watch is boring,” Montoya said.

Montoya grew especially frustrated during the last few minutes of Saturday’s game. Head coach Vance Joseph was under fire for playing too conservatively. With less than five minutes left in the game, and fourth and one, he opted for a field goal instead of going for it. Ultimately, the Broncos lost to the Browns by one point.

“It was very gutless. In fact, after that, I left. I didn’t even watch the rest of the game. You know, with that kind of decision making, why watch it? It’s bad coaching, bottom line,” Montoya said.

Still, some fans held onto a shred of hope for the playoffs -- until Sunday afternoon.

While dreams of the playoffs are dashed, fans are looking to next season and say the only way to turn things around for the Broncos is to clean house with the coaching staff.

“They need to fire Vance Joseph and they need to fire the defensive coordinator,” Montoya said.

“Get rid of Vance Joseph and I feel like they’ll improve,” Tyler Bernhardt said.

Others say Denver needs to give Vance Joseph one more chance.

“He only has a couples seasons under his belt. It’s not like he’s one of these veterans coaches like the Patriots coach, so I think maybe give him one more season see how he does next season,” Waal said.

All fans said they want to see the Broncos get back to the Super Bowl, but most believe that is not going to happen with the current team and staff.

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