Seniors begin moving out of Littleton apartment complex deemed ‘uninhabitable’ after fire

LITTLETON, Colo. -- Dozens of seniors have started the process of moving out of the Windermere Apartments in Littleton.

The complex was deemed uninhabitable after a fire on Nov. 17. That fire killed one man and sent dozens of others to the hospital.

Two weeks ago, tenants learned they wouldn't be allowed to live in the building for at least a year.

"It's been very, very stressful," says Lance Mangham. "My mother, she was on the first floor. If she had been on the higher floors, she could have been in trouble."

The fire department has created specific pathways for people to move out. Residents can't use the main entrance and the elevators are turned off. That means many will be relying on fire escapes to move out.

Each resident will have two days to complete the move-out process.

"You want to be on your own timeline," says Mangham. "You don't want to be on anyone else's."

Mangham was able to find a new apartment for his mother in Westminster, but dozens of seniors are still searching for a home.

He also says the Bennett U-Haul offered to store her belongings for free until she moves in.

"They gave her a free storage space for the week to keep her stuff in. They've done more for her than these guys have," he says of building management.

A fundraising effort for the building's residents has been established and is currently accepting donations.

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