Survey: Some believe Santa should be ‘rebranded’ as female or gender neutral

DENVER — A survey has recently gone viral after more than a quarter of its respondents said it is time for a female or gender-neutral Santa Claus.

Logo design company GraphicSprings recently published the result of the survey, in which about 4,000 people in the U.K. and U.S. participated.

The survey asked questions about how Santa could be modernized and “rebranded” for today’s world. For example, participants weighed in on whether he should have tattoos, be clean-shaven or use a flying car instead of a sleigh.

The vast majority of respondents wanted Santa’s current look to remain the same.

When it comes to Santa’s gender, however, about 72 percent of respondents said he should remain a man. The other 28 percent said Santa should be a woman (about 11 percent) or gender neutral (about 17 percent).

American participants were slightly more in favor of the idea of a gender-neutral Santa than British respondents.

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