Student’s graduation threatened by CBD use

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LOVELAND, Colo. -- A Loveland student's dreams of celebrating his high school graduation are hampered by the school district's decision not to allow him to administer the cannabis oil he needs.

Andrew Stinson, 17, wants nothing more than to receive his high school diploma in four months. Getting closer to his goal has been a challenge.

After being born with cerebral palsy and having more than fifty surgeries, Andrew experiences constant muscle spasms.

He says, "(it is) absolutely terrible, we tried everything and nothing worked."

Andrew's mother Tina says her son has been exceptionally brave, "seeing him in pain, it was horrible for my family."

Tina discovered a treatment using 200 milligrams of Cannabidiol (CBD) and it's having a profound effect.

Andrew says "I'm at the point where I can at least focus on things without worrying about spasms."

Tina says her son's school attendance has increased fifty percent from last year. At issue now is how Andrew will continue to receive the CBD treatments while attending school.

The Thompson School District's policy on CBD states that only designated caregivers can administer the substance, a policy similar to measures adopted by other Colorado school districts.

A concern is the stance of federal law and the risk of the substance ending up in the wrong hands and becoming harmful to other students.

Tina says she will continue to work with the school to find a way to help her son, "I do understand, but it's my son, I love him and I would do anything for him."

Andrew says he deeply appreciates his mother's efforts, "She has always fought for me and I really appreciate that."

Tina says the district has made considerations for Andrew, "they said the only way that he could use it was if I could come to the school, bring it to the school, apply it and leave with it which is really impossible."

Andrew, who has spasms several times an hour, says he wants to change the policy for the sake of others who depend on CBD , "You should allow people like me to use what they need to focus better."

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