Flying high with eagles, owls and hawks

PARKER — There’s a non-profit organization in Parker flying high by educating people across our state about birds of prey.

They’re birds you can find year-round in Colorado, even as we head into winter.

“Our mission is basically education,” said Kin Quitugua. “We just use the raptors to do that with!”

Quitugua owns ‘HawkQuest’. He’s been running it since 1986. He brings his birds to schools and events around Colorado to teach kids and adults a thing or two about the beautiful creatures.

“Last year we saw over a million people at close to 600 events,” he explained.

Right now, ‘HawkQuest’ has 37 birds; including: hawks, owls and eagles.

"The birds of prey, raptors are at the top of the food chain. We’re next. If we lose them, we’re in trouble. They’re sort of a barometer about what’s going on in our environment,” said Quitugua, explaining the birds’ importance.

You can learn more about HawkQuest by visiting its website.

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