Neighbor goes out of her way to help identify porch pirate

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. — Stephanie Sanchez loves using social media to keep tabs on what people are doing, but she never thought she would use it to potentially help solve a crime.

“I’m kind of a nosy person, and I like knowing everything that’s going on,” Sanchez said. “My family calls me the Facebook FBI detective because I’m always doing things like this.”

When Sanchez saw a video on Nextdoor of someone stealing a $400 stroller from her neighbor’s front porch, she wanted to do something about it.

“Those are not cheap, and I would have been like super upset because I just got mine delivered around this time too for my baby,” she said.

Sanchez shared screenshots of the suspect on Facebook groups, until she finally got a bite: a person who wanted to remain anonymous pointed her to the suspect’s Facebook profile. Sanchez reached out to the suspect on Facebook.

“This is like super petty and embarrassing. Like why would you do that, and I sent her the video of her getting caught,” Sanchez said. “She didn’t even deny it. She said, 'yup I did it'!”

The suspect told Sanchez the crime was done with “good intentions” and she gave the stroller to someone who needed it.

Sanchez took screenshots of the conversation, and sent it over to Commerce City Police, who is investigating the case.

“It really shows how people care about their neighbors and their community here because they really went out of their way to share it too,” Sanchez said.

Commerce City Police say departments don’t have access to what you post on Nextdoor, and encourage everyone to report crimes directly to police.

Commerce City Police say this investigation remains ongoing, and Sanchez’s tip is with the lead investigating officer.

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