Denver City Council mulls idea of banning plastic bags

DENVER -- City Council members in the Mile High City are discussing the possibility of banning plastic bags. The move would put Denver in line with other American cities like Seattle, Boston and Portland.

Environmentalists say plastic bags are a huge problem—filling up large portions of landfills.

Jolon Clark, Denver City Council president, says there’s not much he and his collogues can do until state lawmakers help pave the way. Clark says state lawmakers need to repeal a decades-old law prohibiting local governments from placing a ban on certain plastic products. A repeal is expected to happen under the newly-elected Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.

The current state law, limiting local governments, has not stopped Aspen and Telluride from banning plastic bags. Additionally, it has not prevented Boulder from charging a fee on single-use bags.

“I had no problem making the switch,” a Boulder resident told FOX31. “I keep bags in the car. It’s pretty easy.”

While elsewhere in Colorado-- where there could be opposition to a ban-- what seems to be a majority of Denverites support a ban.

Details on a Denver ban have not been thought out just yet. For now, all eyes are on the State Capitol to see what will happen in the next legislative session.

Clark says a ban in Denver could go beyond plastic bags to include plastic straws.

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