‘Tonks’ the baby aye-aye comes out of hiding at Denver Zoo

DENVER — For the first time since her birth, ‘Tonks’, the Denver Zoo’s baby aye-aye, has left her nesting box and is giving visitors a glimpse of the rare creature.

‘Aye-ayes are nocturnal lemurs. Lemurs are only found in Madagascar. The special thing about aye-ayes is they’re meant to come out at night and they’re meant to eat bugs,” explained Kelly Denton, a primate keeper.

‘Tonks’ is four months old. She lives in a dark exhibit with her mother and father. There are only 24 aye-ayes in zoos across America.

"It’s very special to have them here at the Denver Zoo,” Denton said.

Since ‘Tonks’ is still a baby, you’ll typically only see her a few times in the exhibit throughout the day. The Denver Zoo suggests stopping by at 10am or 3:30pm if you’d like to see her.